Hostile Environment Training

Media security training

Hostile Environment Training

The primary purpose of this training is to prepare people for operating or travelling in difficult or potentially dangerous environments. Planning, awareness, what to do when and importantly what not to do, are all important parts of the training, combined with psychological preparation, survival skills, and the neccesary conditioning to actually mitigate the risks.
Security Training
Our programs are unique, diverse, intense and formulated specifically for you around the risks and the latest intelligence relating to your region. Our diverse team of experts with a combination of specialist military, intelligence, security, criminology, psychology and training skills constantly evolve all our training programs to keep them effective in the field.
Security risk threat training
All too often others mainstream courses can have outdated information, with instructors unaware of important changes on the ground and in the region. With criminals and terrorists actively changing their methods, any training must be current, something The Cavell Group programs are renowned for, due to our accurate, timely intelligence.   

Aid agency security safety course
This program is normally five days, with extended and more concise versions available. See our popular One Day Classroom Program.

The program is normally run at one of our carefully selected training venues with access to remote terrain where we can simulate a hostile and remote environment. Venue accommodation can also be tailored to your requirments, but what normally works best is bunk or camp style field conditions, again simulating a potential hostile environment.

How the program works

The program is a carefully controlled combination of theory and practical work building attendees skills and confidence up with competency based training, followed by deliberate routine disorientation and increasing fatigue to simulate stress conditions, before scenarios, testing and further learning and conditioning.

Conduct under capture training
The result is a highly rewarding program that increases staff confidence, awareness and resilience, mitigating the risks in a professional manner, all within an effective friendly learning environment.

Special Risk Management Training Executives
Below are just some of the diverse subjects that can be covered or tailored to your requirements, so take a look, download our brochure and drop us an email with more information about your requirements and how we can assist you.

Look at out latest tailored, flexible HELP Hostile Environment Training Program One - Five Days in components to suit your requirements see brochure
The Cavell Group Hostile Enviroment Training

Hositile Environment subjects

Risk evaluation and mitigation
Preparation and planning
Psychological preparation
Clothing and luggage
Ready/escape bags
Map awareness and navigation
Geographical familarisation
Hotels and accommodation
On the roads and vehicles
Route planning
Contingency planning
Intelligence and updates
Conflict communication
Hostile health and wellbeing

Kidnapping risks and trends
Hostage kidnap survival
Firearms and security teams
Escape and evasion
Survival skills, shelter, water, fire, food
Militia roadblocks
Information security
Bomb, mines and IED's
Blasts and protection
4x4 driving
Hostile questioning
Incident management
First Aid
Deployment discipline
Natural disasters
Conduct under capture
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