Other Training

Other Training Programs

Over the years our diverse team of experts have developed numerous training packages for clients large and small. These programs can all be tailored to suit your requirements and delivered in many forms to suit your needs. Browse our most popular below and then take a look at the list of many other subjects that we use as part of our many training programs.

See our new one day Hostile Environment Awareness Program (based on our full 5 day HELP course)
See our Gap Year Travel Safety & Security Training

Contact us in strict confidence to discuss your training requirements and let us formulate something specifically for you.
Incident Management Staff Training

Incident Management Training

Usually a two day program for managers and staff likely to form part of any incident or crisis management team. Develops communication and incident management skills around an easy to use and highly effective incident managent process. A must for any organisation or team where the risks of an incident are possible.

Abductions Kidnap Hostage Management

Kidnap Management Training

A two day program concentrating on the management processes and considerations for management teams in kidnap for ransom incidents. Examines kidnap types, trends and regions, kidnap psychology, incident stages, communications, negotiations,  proof of wellbeing or life, evidence, liaison, ransoms and repatriation. A must do program for those who may have responsibility or a part to play in managing such incidents. New one day workshop.
Private Intelligence Companies

Intelligence Management Training

This two day program deals with the varying processes of intelligence gathering, collation and analysis and the intelligence cycle. Examines the differences in operational, strategic and dynamic intelligence and depending upon your requirements focuses on HUMINT, OSINT, COMINT, as well as intelligence estimates and reporting. Ideal for security/intelligence staff in small and large organisations where an intelligence function is a requirement. We regularly deliver more intensive intelligence programs so discuss your requirements with us in confidence.
Survival bushwalking remote area training

Survival Training

A two day program in field conditions looking at the psychology of survival both urban and rural, shelter, fire, food, emergency navigation and first aid. Looks at survival risk management, clothing, equipment and other survival essentials. Ideal for those travelling to remote or dangerous regions, bushwalkers, horse riders, and other outdoor enthusiasts.  
Travel Risks employees

Travel Security/Intelligence Briefings

A fast and effective way to obtain accurate and important risk mitigation strategies if you or your staff are travelling to a high risk region in a hurrey and cannot attend a hostile environment program. We obtain the latest intelligence on your region of travel and in an informal professional briefing advise you on the risks, and how to mitigate them.
Counter surveillance training

Surveillance/Counter Surveillance

A highly flexibile program depending upon your requirements. Urban and rural surveillance techniques, long range recconisance and ISTAR, electronic surveillance, information security, surveillance and counter surveillance techniques. Ideal for Security and Law Enforcment teams, Investigators, Private Military Contractors or those travelling overseas and concerend about the security of their information.
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