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Kidnap and Ransom Consultants - Advice and Response

Every year thousands of people become victim to kidnappings in some form, often in places you would never think it would happen. In fact, in many areas it is not only a fast growing problem, but a hidden epidemic.

Prevention is far better than the often lengthy, costly and agonising cure, so carefully look at your risks, procedures, training, staff confidence, and current ability to avoid or overcome such a situation.

We can assist with prevention through leading edge training, development of policies and procedures, threat assessments, risk management and intelligence.

When an incident occurs, and they do far too frequently, managing things appropriately is not only crucial, but a matter of life and death. Understanding the risks, modus operandi of the various perpetrator groups, the complexities of such cases, and the proven processes required to craft a safe resolution is critical.

At times like this you need diligence, diplomacy and a delicate discreet approach.

So how can we help

Your initial response to an incident when it occurs is critical. That response depends greatly on the region, the type of kidnapping, the demands if any, and the many incident variables.

Combined with a 24/7 Global Crisis Response capability, we can support you with a unique and multifaceted set of skills and expertise that combines intelligence, military, psychology, criminology, logistics and diplomacy skills all helping to ascertain the best strategies for a safe resolution and repatriation.

Our experts advise you with matters such as:

• Establishing the facts, type of kidnapping and motive
• Assessing likely perpetrators and risks
• Developing contact and communication conduits with perpetrators
• Setting up and coaching a Crisis Management Team
• Understanding the incident trends, phases and normal processes
• Developing communication and negotiation strategies
• Forensic examinations of evidence, proof of life and possession
• The selection and vetting of translators and third party Intermediaries
• Cultural and geographical incident familiarisation
• Intelligence collation and analysis
• Negotiation parameters and psychological interface
• Family liaison and wellbeing
• Victim assessments and profiling
• Perpetrator profiling
• Resource and ransom strategies
• Legal implications
• Contingency planning
• Asset protection
• Logistics
• Ransom exchange and repatriation
• Incident debriefing and rehabilitation

Our Consultants have expertise in security crisis communications, negotiations, conflict management and the psychological and diplomatic nuances of dealing with perpetrators and victims. We work with both retained clients, organisations large and small, private clients and insurance underwriters.

Essential Kidnap Advice

Many kidnap and piracy gangs involved in ransom demands are often somehow associated (either operationally or strategically) with terrorist groups, and as such many Governments are limited in their response due to conflicting foreign policy issues.

Many victims and organisations have been critical of Government responses during kidnappings. Whilst most government agencies always try to provide whatever support they can, many are often limited in their response and negotiation ability relating to ransom payments or have competing issues at stake in a particular region.

What is always needed is a careful, diligent, discreet and diplomatic response by experts working in your interest alone.

The Cavell Group is deliberately a 'below the radar' organisation maintaining a low profile so we can support clients in a discreet and diplomatic fashion.

Organised kidnap gangs often follow your every move via the internet, social media and their network of contacts. As such discretion and low profile is usually the best approach.

How the initial stages of a kidnap incident are managed is critical, so seek expert advice and look at our initial advice sheet for further guidance.

Contact us today in the strictest confidence for more information.

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