Our in house Intelligence Directorate operates numerous intelligence teams collecting, collating and analysing intelligence from a dynamic and wide range of intelligence sources. Intelligence is crucial to understanding threat groups and globally evolving risks, the fast changing methods and approaches deployed by militia groups, terrorists, kidnap gangs and organised criminals. Only by understanding accurate intelligence can we have any chance of effectively developing strategies for clients to mitigate risks and respond to incidents effectively.

Every region, industry, and organisation has its own risk nuances and intelligence is a crucial asset in infusing all we do to ensure effective outcomes.

Our Intelligence teams assist our own Operatives and Consultants with their travel, client assessments, and continual up to date briefings on global emerging and changing risks, and assist clients with travel intelligence, threat intelligence, and support for expedition teams, media outlets and other organisations and agencies who require quality intelligence on specific regions, groups or activities. 

Intelligence Briefings - Travel and Hostile Environment Training

After a free consultation with you to ascertain your details, one of our risk professionals will work with our Intelligence Directorate to fully assess your travel plans or region of operation and the risks. After a comprehensive analysis an Operative will then visit your place of work or home and deliver a confidential intelligence briefing regarding your travel, including the many risk mitigation and contingency strategies you should consider.

These briefings are perfect for busy professionals travelling at short notice and who don't have adequate time to attend a full training program.

24/7 CORE Intelligence Monitoring (Retained Clients)

Collection Operational Risk Evaluation (CORE)

Tailored specifically to your organisation, projects and staff, our Intelligence Directorate (fully briefed on your situation) use a panoply of intelligence tools to predict and monitor your risks.

Online data analysis
Social media analysis
Dark web analysis
Imagery analysis
Incident and event analysis
Case and incident debriefings
Human Intelligence (on the ground sources)
Field Operative Reports
Specialist Reconnaissance
Closed source network analysis

As our experts process intelligence, we ensure it is evaluated by an Operational Risk Specialist familiar with your risks to ascertain quickly if a report, alert, notification or escalation is required. This is a crucial and unique component of our tailored Intelligence service ensuring you are not bombarded with information leading to security desensitisation and risk fatigue.

Alerts, notifications and reports are emailed confidentially to your designated list of staff as necessary. If Intelligence, incidents or emerging risks suggest immediate urgent advice your designated Specialist Consultant is briefed and contacts you immediately 24/7.

Our Intelligence led operations infuse all our services and training ensuring your staff have the latest information, skills and tools to mitigate risks and managed crisis anywhere effectively.

Learn more about our Retained Confidential 24/7 CORE Intelligence Retainer

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